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Self Publishing Recent Posts

Top 21 Author Marketing Blog Sites for Creating Super SEO Book Sale Results with Web 2.0 Properties

Promote your books to #1 Amazon Best Selling Status with Pure White Hat Search Engine Optimization Strategies

The starting point to create super simple SEO traffic is to establish your own account profiles with the following blogging sites:
1. PR 9
2. PR 8
3. Live Journal PR 8
4. Picasa PR 6
5. Squidoo PR 6
6. Blog Lines PR 9
7. Plurk PR 7
8. Reddit PR 8
9. Scribd PR 8
10. Slide Share PR 8
11. Lycos Tripod PR 7
12. Tumblr PR 8
13. Type Pad PR 7
14. Weebly PR 8
15. Bravenet PR 7
16. EDU Blogs PR 7
17. Jimdo PR 8
18. Wiki Spaces PR 7
19. PR 6
20. Hub Pages PR 6
21. Storify PR 8

Every new author and publisher in the self-publishing world wants to know the secrets of getting their books to best seller rankings on Amazon.

In fact, we all want to rank our sites on Google’s page one for their particular keywords, no matter what business you are in.

However, this article covers details that will give you a leg up on your competition. Remember, the page ranks for these blog sites are what will give you that “Page One of Google” juice. These blog sites all have a PR 6-10 and will help you launch your website to rock star status for your main keyword with some good back-linking.

It will definitely help you gain an SEO advantage to get a best-selling book and to rank your book publishing sites to Google’s page one for their respective keywords.

This is the best “white hat” method for search engine optimization that is online today. It is very simple but does require work on your part to build your own blog network.

“White Hat,” simply means it is Penguin, Panda and Humming Bird safe from Google’s crazy algorithm.

It took some inspiration in order to build my successful membership site Blogger Pro Content, which has a great monthly private label rights and WordPress blogging platform to help any author’s online business.

Gain monthly access at Blogger Pro Content in order to learn how to set up any WordPress site with tutorial videos. Blogger Pro Content gives you tutorial video lessons that are all about Blogging for your Author Platform and PLR content to help you publish articles in any niche.

Like anything else you do, hard work and dedication to reach an ultimate goal is what will help you achieve anything in life. Keep your eyes open for our newest post about the top 10 most influential authors and publishers on Amazon’s Kindle Publishing platform.

Check out our updated SEO for Authors article on creating the best back links to your main author’s site page.

Click Here to Read the New Article on Complete SEO Publishing

Consumer Behavior Advertising in Book Content Marketing

How the 3 Concepts of Consumer Behavior Advertising Relate to Your Readers!

The three areas of consumer behavior and how they relate to advertising are the substantial, conceptual, and methodological concepts in relation to our study here.

The writing, publishing, and promoting of our eBooks is what we are trying to perfect.

These consumer behavior advertising concepts all relate to the basics of what consumer behavior is as a business marketing concept. It is why we do the things we do.

These are the material and mental aspects of why we do them and how we get them done.

These concepts are related to eBooks because, obviously you are not going to see any links in a printed paperback or hardcover book, so we are sticking with digital books in this case.

Of course, as we all know by now, the King of E-Books in the online world is They currently have over 2.5 million eBooks on record in their Kindle Direct Publishing system.

As of the middle of July, 2014, we noted that Amazon has exactly 2,660,046 eBooks on file, 626 magazines, 176 newspapers, and 14,044 Kindle blogs. Amazon’s Kindle Store receives about 6,000 newly published eBooks each day.

A friend told me recently about how much Amazon sold in product revenue last year, because he is selling products on the FBA Amazon system. He said that they sold over $74 billion worth of products for the entire site.

In any event, let’s get back to consumer behavior and why we need to add those marketing pages and links into our eBooks. Consumer behavior is based on the reader solving real world problems that they have in their lives.

So if they have not completely solved the problem they are looking for solutions to, then they will continue reading and clicking on links until their “problem” is solved.

This may not be a problem as we know it, but it could simply be the need to find thorough information on a topic like, bodybuilding, weight loss, gorillas, elephants, spiders, flowers, or recipes.

Maybe the reader is looking for a specific fact or knowledge about why do gorillas or elephants charge people in and around their habitat. Your reader may be looking for a specific recipe that has sage or garlic or onion in the recipe of the book they just bought from you.

These are the things that cause people in general to seek out knowledge in in their lives.
Secondly, the conceptual aspect of consumer behavior is related to relationships. It can be anything in our environment that relates to our problems and issues that reveals how we express ourselves in our daily lives.

The reader is going to not only use all the links in the book’s content, but he will pursue those links further if they are related to his cause, even if he has found a solution.

Thirdly, the methodology concept is revealed in how the person goes about investigating these physical or mental problems they may have. They may be looking for certain knowledge about a subject in order to find the corresponding or observational solutions to those problems.

30% of 30 pages is 9. However, remember that you will have your own circumstances and situations about your books that will be different from everyone else.

Figure out how you want your book to look and move on. Use 9 pages as an average for any non-fiction book you write, no matter what the length ends up being.

The main concept is that you need to make sure you provide value to your readers as it pertains to going beyond the regular content of your book.

If you are writing a recipe book, then you should definitely have a bonus chapter for your readers to look up on your website. They should also see a page of your links as an author with your information, so they can understand who you are and where you are coming from in relation your writing styles.

It is a good idea to add the links to some of your competitor’s books on the “Recommended Reading” page of your links. Just copy and paste their titles and embed their respective Amazon Kindle Store links into the titles

Why would I include the books of my competitor’s links in my book?

You will include your competitor’s books because this will give your readers some great objective references.

It also connects their books with your books for more book sales.

The reason is because your books will appear on the Amazon list of the “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought.” Therefore increasing book sales for everyone involved.

Top 21 Most Influential Self Publishing Authors & Publishers on Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Platform

Revealing The Successful Publishing Entrepreneurs who are Killing it on Kindle with their eBooks, Products and Software Packages!!!

There are many people in the self publishing niche that are doing tremendous things and enjoying great success. They are not only publishing books on Kindle but they are also offering quality products such as digital courses with videos and pdfs, written plots, publishing software and eBook covers.

Colin of Speedy Publishing has taken this a step further with his company’s websites at and I personally have a lifetime membership to which has a ton of video lessons on all different areas for self publishing your books. Colin also has Speedy which is a small publishing house that will publish your book to many platforms at the same time.

Well worth the money for either membership or both if you are just starting to write your own books or if you are a veteran and are looking for other niches to conquer. This is the reason why I put Colin at number one on the list.

His team provides great customer service with the resources to succeed in self publishing. I would like to thank Colin and his team at Speedy Publishing to helping me succeed in self publishing to become the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author that I have always wanted to be.

Tim Castleman has an ever expanding empire of products and books that he publishes on Amazon and other platforms and has secured my complete respect with his products, webinars, and how he does business, which is why he is so successful.

I can personally vouch for everyone on this list below since I have purchased at least one of their products. Tim is number two on this list because of the well rounded and overall success he has shown in different niches and with different products.

You can access one of his most successful launches called “Pump the Brakes” promotions here to see what type of great Kindle Publishing products he creates in order for you to succeed.

Stefan Pylarinos has created a successful self publishing company by publishing his own books and he created one of the most successful Kindle Publishing related products ever with “Kindle Money Mastery.” This membership site is one that will guide you in the right direction to be a successful Kindle Publishing author.

1. Colin Scott – Speedy Publishing
2. Tim Castleman – Pump The Brakes & KD Erotica Blueprint
3. Stefan Pylarinos – Kindle Money Mastery
4. Deb & Amy –
5. Rob Howard – KD Writing Class
6. Derek Doepker – Hooks For Books
7. Rachel Rofe – Hands Off Books
8. Mike Balcameda – 10 Day Rapid Kindle
9. Nathan Dasco – Ecover Designer
10. Ashly Lorenzana – Kindle Publishing Guide
11. Miss Krizia – Erotica Decoded
12. Bill Platt – KDP Cracked Advanced
13. Tony Norton – Amazon Search Dominator
14. Paul Coleman – Book Pumper & KD Xray
15. Lina Trivedi –
16. Dave Guindon – KD Suite & Book Graphics Pro
17. Ben Shaffer – Killer Kindle Titles & Target Override
18. Jay Boyer & John S. Rhodes – Kindle Select Secrets
19. Joel Friedlander –
20. Temper Thompson – Fiction Writing Pro
21. Amber Jalink – Magpreneur

Honorable Mention Special Bonus: from JVZoo’s best selling list of services. This book service is not like it sounds. Even though they do charge for their services, the word “free” refers to the amount of downloads they can provide for your “free” book when it is on the KDP Select Program on

They currently have either a 5,000 Free Book Downloads package or a 10,000 Free Book Downloads package for you to choose from in order to get massive amounts of book downloads when your book is available for “Free.”

Amy and Deb have numerous products and software programs to be utilized as an author. I have added multiple successful publishing entrepreneurs who have also sold software and book covers.

The reason they are mentioned on this list is, even though they may not actually have a published eBook, they do influence the self publishing world and a new generation of online readers. Joel and Nathan are included on this list as eBook Cover Designers that are very successful.

As this numbered list includes all the top book marketing publishers, it is however not an all inclusive list, so there are many more that you can find online. However, they are given in no particular order after the first two in the list; Colin and Tim.

You could easily arrange these publishers and designers in reverse order as far as their popularity and success in the publishing business. It will be interesting to see the future of self publishing and those that rise to the top. I hope that is you one day!

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