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How To Self Publish on Kindle – The Ebook Revolution In this video, Tom Corson-Knowles, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and founder of TCK Publishing.

Kindle Creators: Five Authors Describe their Self-Publishing Experience

In June of 2012, New York City, we asked Theresa Ragan, Maria Murnane, Deborah Reed, James Altucher, and Melinda Leigh to describe their self-publishing experiences.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kindle Direct Publishing - An Overview And Walkthrough In this video, I show you the Kindle Direct Publishing system and how to list your books for sale on the Amazon Kindle.

What is better, the finished product or the creation process?

Question by Help Me:

What is better, the finished product or the creation process?

Best answer:

Answer by Gotta Hankerin’
It depends on the context.

If I’m taking a math test, the finished product is just as important as how I get there. If I’m an architect trying to get a contract, the creation process is initially more important since, if I’m successful, I have far more time to get the finished product right.

Additional Comments:

When you are in the process of writing books, whether you are publishing them digitally or in paperback or hard cover, it is essential to have a process for doing it.

In other words, when you decide to write your first book, make sure you keep track of the process in a Word document.  Make notes about how you put together the book, writing, formatting, images and graphics, table of contents, disclaimers, bonus chapters offered and anything else that you do to put it together.

The great thing about setting up your process is that every time you do it, you will get better at it and after a few times you will understand exactly what you are doing and what needs to get done each time.

This is a subjective question and can only truly be answered by you and your experiences!


Publishing chapter by chapter on kindle?

Question by

Publishing chapter by chapter on kindle?
Is it possible to publish a book chapter by chapter on kindle? For instance, each week you upload a chapter?

Best answer:

Answer by Steven J Pemberton
There’s a program for publishing singles, but I think you have to apply for it and be accepted. It’s not like the normal Kindle Direct Publishing, where anybody can upload whatever they want. If you update a Kindle Direct Publishing book, sometimes buyers get notified that there’s a new version, and they can download it if they want, but it’s treated as a new book, overwriting anything they had with the old one. The mechanism isn’t really meant for releasing a book a chapter at a time.


How much are ebooks for the amazon kindle?

Question by Heather:

How much are eBooks for the amazon kindle?

Best answer:

Answer by Ed Atun

Everyone is wondering if the prices will crumble. The service is good; they download fast.

Additional Comments:

E-books on Kindle are presented to the public by Amazon for free and paid.  Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offers authors the ability to add their eBooks to the Select program which allows them to offer their eBooks for free for a five day period over the 90 day cycle.

Amazon asks the authors not to offer their eBook on any other publishing platform for 90 days when in the Select program, but you may publish your book in paperback or hard cover.

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what is the difference in royalties for Amazon direct kindle publishing?

Question by Photon Pencil: what is the difference in royalties for Amazon direct kindle publishing?
I want to publish a story on Amazon Kindle and it poses two sets of royalties I could potentially earn: 35% and 70%. What is the difference between these two? Does choosing the lesser royalty provide bonuses not obtained with the higher royalty?

Best answer:

Answer by cathugger
Here are all of the answers about Royalties – the 35% vs 70%

The full Royalties FAQ

KDP Select page

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Good Place to Find Cartoon Illustration Jobs?

Question by Ashley: Good Place to Find Cartoon Illustration Jobs?
I am a graphic design student about to graduate with an associate’s degree and would love to be able to get a job as a cartoon illustrator (something along the lines of these projects if possible:, but I have no idea where to look for this kind of job. So far just about everything I can find for a graphic design job is print and advertising agencies, which would have little to no use of this type of design. Or at least it wouldn’t be the sole reason for me getting hired by them.

I have thought about looking into children’s book illustration because that is the only job I can think of that uses this talent a lot, but I’m not really sure how to go about getting into that.

In case my location can help you better answer my question about different jobs that might be available to me, I am located in North Minneapolis, MN. My boyfriend has told me that he thinks the only way I can pursue this career is if I move to New York and fight for it, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a stereotypical belief and that I can find work of this sort somewhere near me.

Best answer:

Answer by Jonathan
You might need a little more pieces in your portfolio. A normal portfolio consists of about 20 to 30 images. You need to put about five of your strongest pieces in front, and five in the back, and the rest inbetween (especially if it’s a physical portfolio).

There might be jobs in your area, but the field is very tough. It’s not enough to be good these days, you have to be at the top of your field. Also equally important is, you need to market yourself well, and keep updating almost daily, just to let people know you’re alive.
Lastly, it’s a little harder for someone to hire you (especially in children’s book illustration if you don’t have any published works). I know it might seem harsh, but that’s just what happens.

The other route that you could go is to maybe seek an apprenticeship, or mentorship under a particular illustrator that you like. It may have to be unpaid, but you’ll learn a lot about how to go about the job. There are so many things involved like:

Non-disclosure agreements
Model release forms
Payment options (gradual, on completion, 50% at the beginning, and so forth. This needs to be made clear before you start)
Also how many corrections will you make for free.
Business licence number
Pricing (Always such a headache when you’re starting off)
And the list goes on.

I don’t mean to scare you, but that’s what it looks like. When I first started off I thought all I needed was to be good at painting. I didn’t realize that the business of Art is exactly that: A business. Because I wasn’t that business savy I got cheated out of a lot of money. My clients would start off with one price, and after I started they would change it. Then just before I finished they would change it again, so that by the time I finished I only got paid a tenth of what I was promised in the beginning.

Again I’m not trying to scare you, but giving you a list of things that you need to learn, and do research on before you get started. That way when you do start you’ll be a great success. Personally I think you could probably do a children’s book.

Why not just write a ten page (or twenty, it’s up to you) story, illustrate it, then sell it as an ebook on kindle. That way all you need is a pdf of your book that is then changed into an ebook by them. Do some research on Kindle Direct Publishing, and see if it’s a cheap option for you. That way once your done, you can have a book for your portfolio, that has been published.

I hope that the information helps you. It seems like your passionate about drawing and painting, and children’s books. I think passion is the most important, and if you have that you’ll be a success no matter what, because you won’t let anyone dissuade you from your course. I wish you luck.

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